CNN Features LWP’s Birth Story

CNN features birth story photographed by Spring Hill, Central Florida birth photographer. A couple days after posting images on Facebook about Jacen’s Birth Story I received a phone call from CNN. I remember driving home and getting that call: They loved the story behind this birth and the images so much that they wanted to feature it that same day. I couldn’t believe it so I said sure, gave them my email and hung up. A couple seconds after that I realized that CNN really called me. No way? What?! My images on the t.v. for the world to see? Wow. I sent them a couple of my images and waited until the Prime News started. We had friends coming over that evening, before I got their call, so we all ordered pizza and waited. I remember texting the Birth family, making sure I had the correct channel hehehe. They interviewed the daddy and my sweet friend recorded it with her camera: Go here to see the video. And here to see the blog post with more images!

I received a massive amount of emails from people all over the world! Talking about how wonderful the story was and some photographers asking for advice since they want to get into birth photography. I was there. Soaking it all. This was my first birth. This beautiful family holds a very special place in my heart. I am so thankful that I can see baby Jacen grow even though he is not in Louisiana anymore.



The next days this birth story was all over the international news! My friends sent me a couple screen shots and links, here are just a few:

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